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Meet the people behind our program

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Geneen GeorgievTechnique Trainer
Dance Technique | Fitness Coaching | Business Development

Current owner of Luminesque Dance, GSG Productions, CoreDance Productions, Nude Apparel ; and former owner of Drive Dance Centre – Vancouver… Geneen is clearly no stranger to running dance organizations. Her expertly designed programs always challenge students to develop technique, fitness and confidence – no matter their level. Her passion for community outreach and business development bring people together across ages, areas of expertise and levels of dance technique to execute sold-out shows and goal-smashing fundraisers. Geneen’s powerhouse personality is complemented with the grace of co-founder, Vanessa’s creative energy.

Vanessa YoungPerformance Coach
Show Production | Creative Direction | Script Writing

Vanessa’s skill and dedication to creative direction are the perfect complement to Geneen’s business acumen. Owner of The Lovers Cabaret – Vancouver, Vanessa has written, produced and directed dozens of spectacular shows that weave creative choreography into compelling storylines. Vanessa’s certifications in dance, performing arts and creative coaching help her students express themselves in powerful, authentic performances. She has performed all over the world and her and co-founder, Geneen’s choreography was recently featured in “LEGION” – a new Marvel show by Emmy award-winning writer and director Noah Hawley. Together they are an unstoppable team.


Portia Favro
Portia FavroClassic Pinup
Traditional Burlesque | Pinup | Performance

“Pin- up Portia” is the perfect Level 1, total Beginner teacher for a classic pin-up and heels style. She is soft, nurturing, and really cares about how you feel through the entire process. Portia is always there to hold your hand and give you tips and tricks to make things as smooth as possible. Her talents take her all the way up to training our Level 5 professionals dancers as well. With this level, she brings in her training as a choreographer and dance professional to push you to the next level. Portia loves throwback jams and you can always count on her playing music that you can sing along to in the shower.

Bronwynn Joy
Bronwynn JoyTrap Queen
Trap Heels | Urban | Intricate

Are you more Missy Elliott than Beyonce? Bronwynn is a great fit for her more urban #trapheels style. Her intermediate level will be taught at an quick pace, with a diverse range of movement. If you want trap, gangsta rap, and R&B jams each week… you’ll love Bronwynn’s playlist. Bronwynn is a fresh energy, and you’ll often find her out dancing on her own, experimenting with new movement, watching music videos and pushing her students to get creative in class. All while wearing a dark lipstick…

Mike McInnes
Mike McInnesChoreography King
Athletic | Technical | Authentic | Precise

Mike’s professional and motivating classroom environment is guaranteed to whip your technique into shape. His background in jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip hop provides a well-rounded foundation for beginner and experienced dancers alike. He’s worked on countless commercial sets and has an eye for video production. His choreography balances clarity and precision with expression and emotion. If you’re looking to take your dance and performance to the next level, Mike’s class is for you!

Chelsea Hartwick
Chelsea HartwickCabaret Showgirl
Classical | Elegant | Shimmy

Chelsea is the queen of Cabaret. A true high-kicking showgirl with legs for days, Chelsea is an attentive, soft and fun beginner and intermediate teacher. Her expertise and creativity speaks to women of all walks of life – you’ll immediately feel like you’ve known Chelsea forever when you step into her class. Expect a healthy mix of music past and present (Drake to Beyonce to Marilyn Monroe…), creative choreography and a few shakes and shimmies!

Jojo Zolina
Jojo ZolinaDance Alchemist
Waacking | Intricate | Vogue | Versatile

Jojo brings a world of experience and styles to the studio. After touring the globe and mastering everything from waacking to latin, he’s returning to his roots in Vancouver, BC. His big-picture vision combined with his intricate choreography results in stunning pieces of “dance alchemy”, that blend hip hop, funk, vogueing, waacking, house, reggaeton, dancehall, contemporary and more. Jojo believes dance can break barriers and inspire change – so join his class if you’d love to be challenged in ways that’ll change you as a dancer, performer and awesome human being!

Kathryn Schellenberg
Kathryn Schellenberg Bio coming soon.
Colleen Cassidy
Colleen CassidyBio coming soon.
Sandra Kirk
Sandra KirkBio coming soon.
Chelsea Friedman
Chelsea FriedmanBio coming soon.
Cass Podor
Cass PodorBio coming soon.
Karley Gill
Karley GillBio coming soon.


Each of our classes has a wonderful teaching assistant who is there to help you stay organized, remind you of what’s coming up, and handle any questions you may have. Each of our assistants is a vital part of the team. Make sure to introduce yourself to them in your first week of class!