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Luminesque Heels

Learn to be a strong, stable (and safe!) dancer in heels in our classic Luminesque Heels class. The Luminesque style is based in jazz technique and executed in high heels. Develop dance technique, learn proper body alignment and strengthen with our “Rise and Shine” conditioning – all in one collaborative, expressive class. Our Luminesque Heels drop ins feature a variety of teachers, so you can experience many different flavours of the Luminesque Heels style.

Jazz Technique

Learn and develop the fundamentals of jazz technique in this weekly non-heels class. Our beginner class will teach you alignment, dance terminology and basics of turning and kicking. Our intermediate class will have you nailing those pirouettes, confidently kicking and further developing your alignment and dance skill. This is not a choreography class, instead we begin with warm up, and head right into exercises and “across the floor” designed to improve your technique while sweating hard in a high energy environment.


This is a low impact, high energy workout class designed to tighten your booty, increase your strength and build on the fundamentals for all dance styles. Join us for weekly cross-training to complement your dance training and gain strength to execute advanced movement and push yourself to the next level. This class is derived from ballet barre exercises but expect fun music, high repetition, isolated movement and flexibility training. Song requests always welcome.

Dancehall Fusion

Get your sweat and smile on with our resident Dance Hall teacher Colleen. Colleen trains every year with the best of the best in Jamaica and we’re so honoured that she brings her knowledge, experience and appreciation for the history and style of dance hall to Vancouver to share with our students. Her classes are upbeat, high energy and infectiously positive. Her choreography is filled with joy and groove. If you want to laugh and sweat your booty off, Dance Hall is for you.


Get back to basics (while still having fun) in our weekly ballet classes! With the guidance of our trained professional teachers, you’ll build a strong base, clean technique and proper alignment that will help you in all styles of dance. We’ll work on your form from your feet up to your smile, guiding you through a number of barre exercises and across the floor combinations that help string it all together. Don’t worry – we won’t make you listen to any stuffy classical music either.

Lumi Fit

Build the strength, stamina and cardio required to execute even the toughest choreography in our Lumi Fit classes. These high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout classes are aimed at toning your muscles, developing a balanced physique and improving your stamina – all in an inclusive, encouraging and non-competitive environment. Come kick your butt into gear with us!

Class Passes

Want to further develop your dance technique or try a new style? Want to dance but can’t perform in the show? We offer five, ten and unlimited class cards so you can glow with us on your own schedule.

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