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Training Intensives

Training intensives are designed to improve your dance technique, stamina and confidence. They focus on providing a deliberate variety of challenges aimed at quickly developing new skills and overall technical dance ability. Training intensives involve extended conditioning, skills training and implementation, and occasionally choreography challenges aimed at improving your speed and retention of dances overall. Although these intensives certainly improve your performance through workshopping pieces and acting exercises, their aim is not completing or performing a specific piece of choreography.

Performance Intensives

Performance intensives are designed to help you learn and execute a specific piece of choreography for a particular performance. They are inherently focused on the intention, skills and moves required for a performance piece. As such, all conditioning, training and choreography within the workshop is centralized around a common theme, style, song and concept. Although these intensives certainly improve your dance skill and choreography retention through learning a specific piece, their aim is not improving your stamina or technique.


Learn and develop the fundamentals of contemporary technique in this weekly non-heels class. Our classes will teach you alignment, dance terminology and basics of the contemporary style. Our intermediate classes will give you tools for developing your own freestyle technique and teach you how to tell a story through dance. This class is focused on technique more than choreography, but you will occasionally learn pieces that put your exercises into practice.

Cabaret Musical Theatre

If you loved Chicago, you’ll love this class. Cabaret Musical Theatre is an upbeat, punchy, performance-intensive style that features everything from diva power struts to sultry showgirl moves. You’ll love the flirty, expressive choreography to new and classic show tunes that will have you tapping and humming along. Build your confidence, find your lines, develop your cabaret jazz technique and maybe sing a little in this jam-packed class.


Learn to stick poses and work those arms with our waacking expert, Jojo! Waacking is a funky disco dance form that emerged from New York in the 1970’s and our team is bringing it to you here in Vancouver. If you like a fast-paced, detail-oriented dance style that’ll challenge your body and mind, you’ll love waacking. Whether you’re new or looking to hone your technique, our waacking class will leave you with an appreciation for the style and a big blast of confidence.


Learn the art of the burlesque tease style with our pinup queen, Miss Portia! Burlesque is a performance movement combining playful striptease with body positivity and expressions of personal sexuality. This class teaches you the tricks of the trade, origins of the moves and the legends that built the style. You’ll experience everything from sultry walks to cheeky tease skills that leave you smitten with your newfound sense of body awareness, confidence and style.

Dancehall Fusion

Get your sweat and smile on with our resident Dance Hall teacher Colleen. Colleen trains every year with the best of the best in Jamaica and we’re so honoured that she brings her knowledge, experience and appreciation for the history and style of dance hall to Vancouver to share with our students. Her classes are upbeat, high energy and infectiously positive. Her choreography is filled with joy and groove. If you want to laugh and sweat your booty off, Dance Hall is for you.