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New Moon Movement

Drop-In | Shake Out | Circle Up

Join our in-house spirit junkie Vanessa Young for a class designed to nurture your mind, body and soul in preparation for the upcoming lunar month. Learn breathwork exercises, get grounded and unlock your creative potential in this open, heart-centered space. Please note that this is a safe zone for all forms of spirituality, so if that’s your jam – this is for you. If not, we’ll see you in one of our usual dance-focused classes!

Space is limited | First come, first serve for this intimate and personalized class. 

Yoga mat & blanket provided

What to Bring:

– Warm Layers
– Journal/Pen
– Water Bottle

Each class will also always create a small altar, please feel free to bring any objects to put on the altar that you wish to cleanse, or set with new intentions for the month. Example: Crystals, jewelry, letters, oils etc.

Doors always open at 6:30pm, and we begin right at 7. Please do not be late, as it disrupts the containing of our circle. Please eat before attending, as once we get going, you may not want to break for a snack.

Upcoming Classes:


Yoga Buttons – 2525 W Broadway
Doors 6:30 | Class 7-10pm


Yoga Buttons – 2525 W Broadway
Doors 6:30 | Class 7-10pm


Yoga Buttons – 2525 W Broadway
Doors 6:30 | Class 7-10pm

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