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Partnership program for businesses

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Your key to our community

Luminesque Dance is a community of hundreds of female professionals dedicated to health, creativity and community service. We believe in the power of self expression, achieving goals, feeling confident and connecting with like minded women. Our “Glow Girls” are vocal and loyal customers looking to support local businesses, especially those run by or employing female entrepreneurs. We are happy to promote ethical, value-aligned businesses to our community in exchange for an exclusive discount for our students and teachers.

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Partnership Program for Businesses

What You Get:

  • Attract 200+ women and their friends as new loyal customers and brand advocates

  • Tap into a thriving network of dancers, business women and arts community leaders.

  • Gain exposure for your brand and location through online and offline cross-promotion

  • Meet our community face to face at your complimentary booth at our annual conference

What You Provide:

  • Provide an incentive (discount, bonus, etc.) to current Luminesque Dance students

  • Display the “L” Key to the City information card and accept “L” keys at your location

  • Attend our annual conference with a representative at your booth

  • Memberships are minimum one year commitments that can be renewed annually