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The Dark Side

In a dystopian future, Earth has separated in the battle between darkness and light. A gateway has opened, connecting the upper and underworlds. Below, dark beings are outcasted for their primal nature. Above, Light beings try to rid themselves of their shadow sides.

A prophecy states that one woman will bring balance to the world and restore peace between all creatures. But after living in the Light for so long, can she be convinced the Dark side is worth saving?

Join our prophecy Queen on her tour of the Underworld. Meet wild women who come alive during full moons, mischievous dragons who chase poisonous nymphs, maidens made of mist and more. Welcome to The Dark Side…

This Luminesque Dance show features an original storyline, spectacular choreography and over 200 of Vancouver’s fierce and fabulous females!

This venue is a 19+ establishment


March 21 + 22 2018
March 23 + 24 2018