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The Naughty Nutcracker

Enter a Kingdom of Sweets, fall in love with a Sugar Bum Fairy, and bravely face an army of mischievous mice. This is an intimate retelling of a holiday classic.. but with a twist.

Twenty years ago, a young and innocent Clara, visited Candyland for the first time. Now, as she embarks on her journey of “adulting”, there must be time for one more night of celebration and playfulness. Follow her adventure back into a wondrous world, now full of delinquent dolls, racy rats, and sexy soldiers.

The show features an original storyline based on the characters you love, spectacular choreography and over 200 of the city’s fabulous females!

This venue is a 19+ establishment


November 29th & 30th 2017
December 1st & 2nd 2017