Course Offerings


Signature Luminesque Course

Our Signature Luminesque Course includes the following:

  • Weekly 2 hour classes, over a 3 month period

  • Multiple live performances

  • Tech Rehearsal at performance venue

  • Director’s Rehearsal

  • Costume accessories

  • Access to exclusive GG discounts and deals (early bird registration deals, etc.)

  • Free sassy bottoms from Nude Apparel ($50 value) for all dancers in their first term in a Signature Luminesque Course

  • Last but not least - an amazing community of 400+ Glow Getters!

Dancers have two payment options:

  1. One time payment of $425

  2. Split it into 3 monthly payments (September, October, November) of $141.67

  3. For the term you are registered in a course, you can also add on the monthly unlimited drop in pass for an additional $50/month (down from $99).

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Yearlong CREW course

The Yearlong Crew Course is 3 consecutive terms of our Signature Luminesque Course with the same group of dancers, and rotating teachers.

Dancers have two payment options:

  1. Automatic payments of $99 per month from September to June, with the option to add on a monthly unlimited drop in pass for $50 per month


  2. Apply an Annual Membership



Intensives are a fantastic way to hone a specific style of dance, and run as a course add-on.

Weekly hour long classes run for the length of term, which runs for 3 months.

Intensives end in an amazing live performance in our end of term shows!

These classes are priced at $199, and more details can be found here.

*All prices are listed before tax