Drop in classes

*Please note all drop in classes are open level and open to all gender identities

Signature Luminesque Heels


Get the confidence you need to be a strong and safe dancer in our Signature Luminesque Heels class. This class is designed to help strengthen, stabilize and build foundations necessary for dancing in heels starting with our  Rise & Shine warmup and moving into fierce and fun choreography, this class will turn up the heat and help you discover your FIRE!


Build strength, stamina and cardio in this high intensity interval training workout class. This is an inclusive, encouraging and non competitive environment open to all bodies and abilities. We focus on building you up and empowering you to dig deep - you are stronger than you know! 


We’ve ditched the classical music and shifted the focus from looking perfect, to feeling fantastic! Whether you are here to learn the basics or get a refresher, this class will work on your alignment from top to bottom. Build a strong base, clean technique, and the proper form to help you in all styles of dance. 

Groove & Glow

Dance to your favourite R&B and hip hop tracks in this class, with a focus on classic groove steps and body awareness. Mixing the Signature Luminesque style with urban influence, we’ll have you grooving and glowing all the way to next week’s session!


Find that sweet spot of unity between your heart, mind and body. Pulling from various dance styles, our contemporary class focuses on fluidity and thoughtful movement. Surrender to your flow, let go of your ego and dance with emotion. This class is designed to make you have all the FEELS!


This custom designed dance conditioning class is guaranteed to make you glow! We’ll link movement with breath, and pair it with a soundtrack and sequences that help your body intuitively recognize patterns. Build your balance, strength, flexibility and control, while easing your stress and clearing your mind.

*Please bring a yoga mat.

Dancehall Fusion

This Caribbean born, high energy, and infectiously positive dance style will have you grooving and sweating. Dancehall class is about finding your joy, feeling the rhythm, and having a laugh. Help us pay homage to the Jamaican street dance that has inspired dancers and musicians worldwide.

Lyrical Jazz

Explore musicality and character in this emotionally charged Lyrical Jazz class. Learn combos that showcase your individual personality, and allow for freedom within your movement.

Free Stretch

Take a deep breath and find the space your body needs to stretch that little bit more. Turn your mind off for 30 minutes and get back into your body. Let us help you prevent injuries, improve your posture, and widen your range of motion. And the best part - this one i always on us!