Luminesque is a dance and fitness community with classes guaranteed to make you glow!

Our expertly designed 3-month program safely teaches dancers of all ages & abilities how to dance in heels.

Join our community today, your first drop in is always FREE!


Learn to be a strong, stable and safe dancer in heels in our Signature Luminesque Heels course. The Luminesque style is based in jazz technique and executed in high heels. Develop dance technique, learn proper body alignment and strengthen with our “Rise & Shine” conditioning, all in one collaborative, expressive class.


Want to further develop your dance technique or try a new style? Want to dance but can’t perform in the show? We offer five, ten and unlimited class cards so you can glow with us on your own schedule. Your First Class is always Free!


Explore your unique journey in dance artistry, performance and technical development through workshops and more with Luminesque Dance.

Classes that fit your schedule!


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Specialty designed dance classes and programs that will teach you fundamental techniques, build your confidence, and personal growth exercises that help you grow from the inside out. Luminesque Dance is committed to providing a nurturing environment that allows you to learn, grow and GLOW! Curious about where to start?


Who is Luminesque Dance?


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