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Twenty years ago, a young and innocent Clara, visited Candyland for the first time. Now, as she embarks on her journey of "adulting", there must be time for one more night of celebration and playfulness. Follow her adventure back into a wondrous world, now full of delinquent dolls, racy rats, and sexy soldiers.

Sit back, relax and buckle your seatbelt as our Glow Girls take you on the dream dance vacation of a lifetime. Meet the Cabaret Cast from New York, Pin-Up Girls from Paris, Beach Babes from Cali and MORE in our express tour of the Globe!

In a dystopian future, Earth has separated in the battle between darkness and light. Join our Queen on her tour of the Underworld. Meet wild women who come alive during full moons, mischievous dragons who chase poisonous nymphs, maidens made of mist and more. Welcome to The Dark Side...

Sugar or spice? Naughty or nice? Follow our five leading ladies as they take you on a kaleidoscopic trip through the classic game with a provocative spin. From chocolate kisses to fuzzy peaches - you’re bound to meet a character that satisfies your sweet tooth.