Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I wear to class?

Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous! We find that dressing up a little bit helps you feel more confident in front of the mirror – but ultimately, wear whatever makes you glow. We suggest active-wear (sports bras, leggings, shorts) to start, given you’ll be sweating and you’ll want to be comfortable. However, you’re also welcome to wear something a little bolder like bodysuits, fishnets, thigh-high socks or your Nude Apparel bottoms.

  • Do I have to wear heels?

You don’t have to wear heels in class, but you’ll find the movements and your eventual performance easier if you do. We suggest a ballroom shoe or character heel no higher than 3 inches for beginners. Something with ankle support and a flexible sole is ideal. Many of our studios don’t allow marking shoes. Get shoes HERE!

  • What if I don’t have any dance experience?

That is totally okay! We welcome all dancers – yes, even the ones that feel “awkward” when they dance. We are certain that in three months we will have you feeling confident and ready to dance on stage for your friends and family.

  • Do I have to perform in the show?

We will never make you do anything you’re not comfortable doing. If you don’t want to participate in the end of term show, that’s more than okay. However, we have found that most students that initially decline performing eventually change their minds once they gain confidence and solidarity with their fellow students throughout the term. We also find that having a goal like getting onstage helps you stay committed to learning your choreography and is just generally more rewarding than practicing in class!

  • Do I have to be in the Luminesque term to take a drop in class?

No, you do not. However, it is more expensive and we may use some terminology you might not be familiar with in class if you’re not a term student. We totally understand if you have other life commitments or just aren’t ready to jump right in yet. Just come to as many classes as you can and we’re sure you’ll find room in your schedule/budget one day to join a term.